Terms and Conditions

The com­pe­ti­ti­on is inten­ded for pupils of basic-level music scho­ols (pri­ma­ry art scho­ols) and ama­teur recor­der pla­yers, who meet the age limits of par­ticu­lar cate­go­ries. Par­ti­ci­pati­on of recor­der stu­dents of secon­da­ry (inter­me­di­a­te) scho­ols, con­serva­to­ries, music uni­ver­si­ties and colle­ges is not allowed.

Each par­ti­ci­pant must send a com­ple­ted appli­cati­on form and pay the atten­dan­ce fee within the spe­ci­fied deadline.

By sen­ding the appli­cati­on, the par­ti­ci­pants also give the orga­ni­zer permission
to use the data as part of the com­pe­ti­ti­on materials
and to use video and audio recor­dings for the pur­po­ses of pro­mo­ti­on. In accor­dan­ce with per­so­nal data pro­tecti­on laws (GDPR), this per­mis­si­on may be can­celled anytime.

Par­ti­ci­pati­on Fee
The atten­dan­ce fee is 400 CZK for each par­ti­ci­pant in the solo pla­y­ing cate­go­ry and 200 CZK for each ensem­ble mem­ber. The fee must be paid by the end of Febru­a­ry 2022. Ple­a­se use the below-men­ti­o­ned account details to transfer the fee to the Spo­leč­nost přá­tel ZUŠ Vítěz­sla­va Nová­ka (Soci­e­ty of Fri­ends of Pri­ma­ry Scho­ol Vítěz­slav Novák). On request, we will issue and send a pro­of of pay­ment in electro­nic form.

Account num­ber: 298877541/0300

IBAN: CZ87 0300 0000 0002 9887 7541


Vari­a­ble sym­bol (for pay­ments of mul­tiple par­ti­ci­pants): VAT ID (fill in the VAT ID of your scho­ol if you are making a pay­ment for more than one participant) 

Vari­a­ble sym­bol (for indi­vi­du­al pay­ments): date of birth of the par­ti­ci­pant in the for­mat DD/MM/YYYY

The fee is non-refun­da­ble unless the participant’s atten­dan­ce is refused due to full capa­ci­ty or the com­pe­ti­ti­on is can­celled. The orga­ni­zer of the com­pe­ti­ti­on reser­ves the right to refuse ent­ries that exce­ed the com­pe­ti­ti­on capacity.

Ple­a­se use our onli­ne form to regis­ter for the competition.

The dead­li­ne for sub­mis­si­ons is 28.2.2022. A con­fir­mati­on email will be sent to the email pro­vi­ded in the onli­ne form once the appli­cati­on is submitted.