Jakub Kyd­li­cek
(born 1985, CZ) is one of the most ver­sa­ti­le per­so­na­li­ties of the czech ear­ly music scene.

After finishing his stu­dies in recor­der and orchestral con­ducting at the Con­serva­to­ry in Pil­sen (CZ) he con­ti­nu­ed in post­gra­dua­te stu­dies at Scho­la can­to­rum basi­li­ensis with Cori­na Marti.During his stu­dies, Jakub par­ti­ci­pa­ted in mas­terc­las­ses and les­sons with lea­ding per­so­na­li­ties of ear­ly music (Peter Hol­stlag, Ashley Solo­mon, Carin van Heer­den, Bert Honig, Jos­tein Gun­der­sen, Patrick Ayr­ton,…). In 2018 he gai­ned his Ph.D. in History.

Soon after gra­dua­ting, he was appoin­ted a tea­cher at the Pra­gue Con­serva­toi­re. In 2012 he was appin­ted a direc­tor of the Pra­gue Con­serva­to­ry Baroque orchest­ra whi­th whom he beca­me the lau­ra­te of Con­cer­to Bohe­mia radio com­pe­ti­ti­on. In 2010–6, he tau­ght at the Con­serva­to­ry in Pil­sen whe­re he per­for­med a num­ber of ope­ra pro­jects (inclu­ding Per­go­le­si, Pur­cell, Mar­ti­nů, Pauer). As a lectu­rer, he is often invi­ted to lead semi­nars and cour­ses of ear­ly music (Val­ti­ce, Hole­šov) and is a frequent guest of jury competitions.

As a recor­der pla­yer, he per­forms regu­lar­ly with a num­ber of ear­ly music ensem­bles such as Colle­gi­um 1704, Capel­la Regia, Colle­gi­um Mari­a­num, Czech Ensem­ble Baroque,… with whom he per­for­med in pres­ti­gi­ous Euro­pe­an sce­nes (Pra­gue Spring, Sempe­ro­per Dre­sden, Tea­tro Arri­a­ga, Grand The­a­ter de Luxem­bourg, Salzbur­ger fest­spie­le, Con­cen­tus Mora­vi­ae, …). With Scho­la gre­go­ri­a­na pragensis he recor­ded a CD devo­ted to the music of Char­les IV.

In 2009 he foun­ded his own ensem­ble CONCERTO AVENTINO and is also a foun­ding mem­ber of the TRE FONTANE trio. As a con­duc­tor he per­for­med some of the baroque mas­ter­pie­ces such as Zelenka´s Sub olea Pacis or Purcell´s semi-ope­ra The Fai­ry Que­en. Recent­ly he did per­form Czech.premieres of Pig­ma­li­on by J. Ph. Rame­au or Aci, Gala­tea e Poli­fe­mo at by G. F. Haen­del at Sme­ta­na­’s Lito­myšl fes­ti­val. In upco­ming sea­son he will lead the per­for­man­ces of Bach´s Johan­ne­spas­si­on or Benda´s Ari­a­d­ne auf Naxos.

Pet­ra Vác­la­ví­ko­vá star­ted stu­dy­ing the recor­der at the Pil­sen Con­cerva­to­ry with Julie Bra­ná, whe­re she gra­dua­ted with diplo­ma with the highest dis­tincti­on. Then she con­ti­nu­ed stu­dy­ing the baroque obo­es at the Hochschu­le für Kün­s­te Bre­men, Ger­ma­ny with Xenia Löf­fler, whe­re she has com­ple­ted her bachelor’s degree. After­wards she has stu­died his­to­ri­cal obo­es at the Hoschu­le für Musik und Dar­s­tellen­de Kunst (HfMDK) in Frank­furt am Main, Ger­ma­ny with Annet­te Spe­hr, whe­re she com­ple­ted her master’s degree.  Besi­des her stu­dy of his­to­ri­cal obo­es, she con­ti­nu­ed pla­y­ing the recor­der and was get­ting les­sons with Prof. Micha­el Schne­i­der and Ker­s­tin Fahr at the HfMDK in Frank­furt am Main. She is current­ly stu­dy­ing at the HfMDK Frank­fur am Main the recor­der with Prof. Jan Van Hoecke.

During her bache­lor stu­dies she was a mem­ber of the Orches­ter Aca­de­my Bachs Erben in Ger­ma­ny. Here she pla­yed con­certs in the Euro­pe and in the Sou­th Ame­ri­ca. In sum­mer 2017 she won the audi­ti­on for the Orches­ter Aca­de­my in Inn­sbruck Inn­sbruc­ker Festwo­chen der Alten Musik in Aus­tria.

Pet­ra Vác­la­ví­ko­vá appears with vari­ous orchestras of Ear­ly Music as La Stagi­o­ne Frank­furt, Elbi­po­lis Barockor­ches­ter Ham­burg, Hano­ve­rische Hof­ka­pelle, Capel­la Con­flu­en­tes, Came­ra­ta Frank­furt, BachWerkVo­kal Salzburg… She also took part in many inter­nati­o­nal mas­terc­las­ses as with prof. A. Ber­nar­di, H. P. Wes­ter­mann, prof. Carin v. Heer­den, prof. J. Chris­ten­sen and many others.

In March 2019 she was with her Ensem­ble Postillon fina­lists at the pres­ti­ge Inter­nati­o­nal Tele­mann Com­pe­ti­ti­on in Mag­de­burg, Ger­ma­ny. www.ensemblepostillon.com

Pet­ra Vác­la­ví­ko­vá gai­ned her tea­ching expe­ri­en­ces at music scho­ols in Ger­ma­ny (Bad Soden, Hofhe­im am Tau­nus) so in Swi­t­zer­land in St.Gallen. Now she is current­ly tea­ching recor­der at Budweis Con­serva­to­ry in Czech Republic.