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It´s the fourth year of pre­pa­ring Flau­to­vá­ní com­pe­ti­ti­on exhi­bi­ti­on in recor­der pla­y­ing, and we are really glad to do it for you.

The­re are seve­ral news and chan­ges com­pa­red to the pre­vi­ous years. It is the first year we deci­ded to focus on the con­tem­po­ra­ry reper­toi­re com­posed spe­ci­ally for the recor­der. Modern lite­ra­tu­re is an impor­tant part of the lite­ra­tu­re for this instru­ment. It uses new tech­niques of pla­y­ing which furthers the tech­ni­cal limits of the instru­ment and reve­als new possi­bi­li­ties of inter­pre­tati­on. We do not want to lea­ve this out, thou­gh, that is why we have deci­ded to focus on con­tem­po­ra­ry lite­ra­tu­re this year. We estab­lished coo­pe­rati­on with a young talen­ted com­poser and recor­der pla­yer, Anna Miko­laj­ko­vá. Some of her com­posi­ti­ons were pla­ced into the com­pul­so­ry reper­toi­re. Anna Miko­laj­ko­vá will, within Flau­to­vá­ní, also be lea­ding a workshop focused on con­tem­po­ra­ry com­posi­ti­ons, modern tech­niques, and the intro­ducti­on of her own work.

Ano­ther novel­ty is the inclusi­on of a new cate­go­ry in the com­pe­ti­ti­on of cham­ber ensem­bles. Com­pa­red to the last year, whe­re it was possi­ble to intro­du­ce only ensem­bles con­sis­ting of recor­ders, we will wel­co­me ensem­bles of any instru­ment com­posi­ti­on this year. However, the con­di­ti­on is that the recor­ders will be in instru­men­tal super­i­o­ri­ty.

The per­for­man­ces will be eva­lua­ted by our fai­th­ful jury, excellent tea­chers and lea­ding recor­der pla­yers — Jakub Kyd­lí­ček, Rena­ta Smet­ko­vá, and Pet­ra Vác­la­ví­ko­vá. 

You can look for­ward to con­certs and accom­pa­ny­ing pro­gram — sel­ling exhi­bi­ti­on of musi­cal instru­ments, she­et music, and musi­cal objects. As eve­ry year, of cour­se, we are also pre­pa­ring workshops that will be a litt­le dif­fe­rent than in pre­vi­ous years. We belie­ve that you will be ple­a­sant­ly sur­pri­sed.

We hope toge­ther we will enjoy Flau­to­vá­ní, with a nice, cre­a­ti­ve, and fri­en­dly atmosphe­re!

For the orga­ni­zati­o­nal team

Bar­bo­ra Pla­chá, Ven­du­la Tischle­ro­vá, and Mari­án Miku­la