Categories and Repertoire

Categories and Time Limits

cate­go­ry date of birth time limit
0.category 1.9.2010 and youn­ger max. 3 min.
1.category 1.9.2009 — 30.8.2010 2 — 4 min.
2.category 1.9.2008 — 30.8.2009 3 — 5 min.
3.category 1.9.2007 — 30.8.2008 4 — 6 min.
4.category 1.9.2005 — 30.8 2007 4 — 6 min.
5.category 1.9.2003 — 30.8 2005 4 — 7 min.
6.category 30.8.2003 and older 5 — 10 min.

Each participant must perform an obligatory piece and shall further perform a repertoire by his or her own choice. This repertoire can either be played solo or accompanied by piano, harpsichord, guitar, lute or percussions.


We recom­mend using ori­gi­nal pie­ces.

Ple­a­se keep in mind the time limits when cho­o­sing your reper­toi­re. The reper­toi­re must not exce­ed the time limit given for your cate­go­ry. The time will be mea­su­red only when the par­ti­ci­pant is pla­y­ing.

Accom­pa­ny­ing music pla­yed from audio devi­ces is not allowed (except for con­tem­po­ra­ry recor­der pie­ces). The reper­toi­re can be chan­ged no later than 1 mon­th befo­re the begin­ning of the com­pe­ti­ti­on.

Obligatory Pieces:

select one piece from the following options

0.kategorie:  self — selec­ted reper­toi­re of com­ple­te­ly free cho­ice

1.kategorie: Renessa­in­ce Dan­ce by Tiel­man Susa­to, Clau­de Ger­vai­se, Gio­van­ni Gia­co­mo Gas­tol­di, Micha­el Pra­e­to­rius, Tho­i­not Arbe­au, Pierre Attaig­nant

2.kategorie: Ano­nym: Vain Belin­da (Recor­der Antho­lo­gy Book 1, Tri­ni­ty Colle­ge Lon­don),  Cesa­re Negri: Bian­ca fio­re (The Schott Recor­der Con­sort Antho­lo­gy, Vol. 4) ,  Mel­chi­or Franck: Gal­li­ar­da (Jan a Eva Kva­pi­lo­vi, Flau­to­ško­la 2, Win­G­ra — page 49

3.kategorie: Masque Dan­ce — The second wit­ches Dan­ce;  Cupa­ra­ree or Gra­y­i­sin;  Adsonns Mas­ke (Twen­ty-five Masque Dan­ces, Lon­don Pro Musi­ca)

4.kategorie: Georg Phi­lipp Tele­mann: Sona­ta F dur (TWV 41:F 2) — 1. move­ment (Viva­ce),TWV_41_F_2.pdf

5.kategorie:  Georg Fried­rich Hän­del: Sona­ta C dur (HWV 365) — 1. move­ment (Lar­ghet­to) (str.5)

6.kategorie:  Fran­ce­sco Bar­san­ti: Sona­ta 2 C dur (op. 1) — 1. move­ment (Adagio) (str.9) _sonata2.pdf